Pethaus: Denim for Dogs – Pet Accessories for the Rock n Roll Pup!

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Whether you are taking your pup to the local dog park or out to a dog friendly patio – make your dog stand out from the pack with these ruff n’ tough pet accessories from Pethaus: Denim for Dogs!  Aussie Pethaus duo Matt and Mel are dedicated to providing dogs around the world with well-made and super-stylish denim and accessories.

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I stumbled upon Pethaus: Denim for Dogs while shopping online for my 13-year old maltese, Pickule.  Pickule is somewhat of a party animal, her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo! Like many of us, I think my rock n roll pup wants something that is both comfortable and stylish.  I immediately fell in love with Pethaus’s pet accessory offerings – they are both comfy and bad to the bone!

In their product design, Pethaus takes inspiration from 70s heavy metal and motorcycle culture.  They offer denim vests, band patches, custom bandanas, and even personalized name tags that double as bottle openers.  These are all must-haves for your furry saddle-pal who loves to rock out to Bark Sabbath, Judas Pooch or Motorpooch.

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This made me wonder – why are jean jackets and patches so utterly and supremely cool?  If a blue jean vest and bandana can lend a touch of edginess to even a dog’s appearance, where is this power coming from?  

Indigo (the blue in blue jean) has long been a color saved for the working class.  The jean jacket made its appearance in America in the 1800’s and has had a colorful history since.  After being acquired as part of the military uniform in the states, it was then appropriated by rebellious teens who wanted to shake their hips like Elvis and smolder like Brando.  In the 60s we had the “Bellbottom Blues” and jeans became the ubiquitous staple of the American masses. In the 70s and 80s jean jackets and leather jackets were rocked side-by-side, adorned with pins and patches that were social indicators and bold statements of solidarity.

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In the mid-20th century, patches met jeans in a new way.  Patches have a long history – from the time humans decided to start wearing clothes we’ve put holes in them.  These practical scraps of cloth got way more interesting when people began adding words and imagery to make powerful statements.  Modern counterculture movements have often used patches as a visual indicator of social activity and solidarity. In the 60s hippies used patches to protest for peace, and in the 70s and 80s punks and rockers were bonded by shared names and symbols stitched on their clothing.

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In modern times wearing a patch on your jeans will usually get you more style points than reflect a political statement, but the bold combined history of jeanswear and patches still packs a punch.  Pethaus: Denim for Dogs does a remarkable job of translating this power-punch to your pup’s attire. Pethaus’s rock n roll pet accessories are a must have for your best friend who has something to say!

Check out their limited edition gift sets for super steals on a whole bundle of pet accessories for your rock n roll pup!


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