Vintage Photograph Texas Holiday Ornament DIY

Here’s a simple DIY that’s oh so cute! It’s a Vintage Photograph Holiday Ornament that you could make in any shape. I chose Texas because it’s where I’m from. If you are from here, then you will know Texas LOVE Texas!!!

To make this simple DIY all you need are a few supplies and a few minutes. This is the type of craft anyone could make. It’s fun enough for kids but stylish enough for adults.


Supplies to Make Vintage Photograph Texas Holiday Ornament DIY

Vintage Photographs
Cookie Cutter
Hole Punch
High End Ribbon – I chose Velvet Ribbon


From here, it’s really just a simple trace and cut! I used a pen, just so you could see the marks when I traced the cookie cutter – but I definitely recommend using pencil or something subtle. If you have a shape that does not need to face a certain direction, you could trace the cookie cutter on the back – which will give it a bit of an upgrade.


Another key factor, is be sure to carefully line up your cookie cutter and your photo. The photo I used is of an ocean scene so I wanted to be extra careful that the horizon line was straight. You should do this with any images you use whether it’s a family photo or anything else.


I used a regular size hole punch because the ribbon I chose is fairly thick. If you find some thin ribbon, you could use a smaller hole punch would could be really attractive. The way that you tie the ribbon is also really important! A beautifully tied bow will go a long way. Here’s a great tutorial on how to craft a bow that is picture perfect!

And if you are in the mood for ornaments try making these DIY Spice Filled Ornaments and make these super fun DIY Snowglobe Ornaments too!


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