Vintage Toy Car Christmas Decoration DIY

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Beep beep! Looking for something cute to make this holiday? Then you have to make this Vintage Toy Car Holiday Decoration! It’s got a tree on top as if it’s just driving back from the Christmas Tree lot. It’s so cute!

Best of all it’s super simple to make and can be customized with your favorite cars. You could find the car that your parents had growing up or your favorite vintage classic like this Volkswagen Beetle or a Ford Mustang.

So let’s make it!

supplies to make diy christmas decorations bottle brush trees
Supplies to Make a Vintage Toy Car Christmas Decoration

A Vintage Car of Your Choice (Here’s what I used)
Bottle Brush Trees
Red Baker’s Twine
Tiny Foldable Box Templates (printed and folded – thus you may need a printer and perhaps tape)
& Scissors

That’s it! Simple, right?

Because this is such a small diy – in terms of scale, you won’t need much of any of these supplies! Just a tiny touch of baker’s twine and just a few tiny boxes. You will likely only need a bottle brush tree or 2!

Since most of these supplies come in bulk, you could consider giving these away as holiday gifts are creating a larger scene with multiple cars!

Teeny Tiny Gift Boxes 2

Once you have your tiny printed boxes folded and the rest of your supplies gathered, it’s time to assemble. These steps are super simple.

If you have vintage cars in which the doors or windows open, string the baker’s twine through the windows and tie the tree and boxes to the top of the car. Tie it nice and tight! Use your scissors to trim off any access baker’s twine.

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Then you can set your finished Vintage Toy Car Christmas Decoration anywhere you like!

If your bottle brush trees feel a little too big, or if the wooden stump on the bottom that holds the tree upright gets in your way, you can bend, twist, and cut the stump off to remove it.

That’s what I did here and it really helped the tree show instead of the stump dominating this diy.

how to make a vintage car holiday decoration diy pop shop america
The boxes we’re a bit harder to hold into place. If that happens to you, just use a tiny bit of double sided tape between the boxes and the car. And viola! You have your finished Vintage Toy Car Christmas Decoration DIY! So cute right?!

how to make a christmas tree and vintage car decoration diy
So where are you going to place your vintage cars? Under the tree or would you even loop another string and make these into holiday ornaments? These would even make great accessories to add on to a wrapped holiday present. Tell us what you do with yours in the comments! And if you need even more cool holiday diy’s look below!

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