11 Free Printable Harry Potter Valentine Cards

11 Free Printable Harry Potter Valentine Cards

If you’re a diehard Harry Potter fan like I am, then you can’t imagine giving out any other type of Valentine’s Day cards (except mayyyybe these adorable Baby Yoda cards). Luckily, there are so many cute Harry Potter Valentine’s Day card printables on the internet, so whether you’re looking for cards aimed more toward adults or children, you can find a wide variety! 

There are so many different free Harry Potter printables out there, so if you’re looking for general ideas, we’ve got those too

Now, on to the adorable Valentine’s Day cards, featuring Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the wonderful wizarding world!


Hand Lettered Watercolor Harry Potter Printable Cards

harry potter valentines folded cards

These adorable folded Harry Potter cards are hand lettered and watercolored, and they look like high end cards you’d buy at the store! These cards from Page and Flutter are cards you wouldn’t mind dropping in the mail to all your best Potterhead Pals for sure! P.S. If you’re into bullet journaling, she has a TON of free bujo resources as well. 


Exchange-Style Printable Harry Potter Cards

harry potter themed valentines day cards

Remember those cardboard boxes of valentine cards you’d buy at the store for a few bucks, and then you’d tear them apart and write each classmate’s name on one? These printable cards from Mama Moose are like that, only waaayyy better, because (a) they’re free and (b) they’re adorable. I mean, look at that cute little Dumbledore – I can’t even. If you’ve got a Harry Potter-loving kid, these are the Valentine’s for them. But, I mean, they’re also too cute to be just for kids, am I right??


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean Bag Topper

Valentine Every Flavor Bean Bag Topper

If you want a fun treat to go with your Valentine’s Day cards, these Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean bag toppers from Tattered & Inked are perfect. Just print them, fill small bags with Bertie Bott’s Beans – or jellybeans, like she used, if you want to make sure there are no gross flavors – then staple the cute little cards to the front of the bag. Done and done! (Psst: these would make an adorable Harry Potter party favor too!)


Harry Potter Valentine Card Printables

harry potter wizarding printable valentine cards

Cheesy lines that only a Potterhead would understand? Check.

Cute cartoon versions of favorite Harry Potter characters? Check.

Perfect neutrals with an HP font? Check and check.

These Harry Potter free printable Valentine’s Day cards from The Quiet Grove are a ‘keeper’ for your Valentine’s Day needs. My favorite? “Wingardium LOVE-iosa.” HA! Which one do you love? 


“WANDerful” Harry Potter Valentines

Wanderful Harry Potter Valentine's Day Printable


How cute are these “wanderful” Valentine’s Day Cards from A Few Shortcuts? So simple too – just print the cards off, cut them out, and attach a glowstick to the back as a magic ‘wand.’ I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to get a glow stick valentine from someone they love. Plus, her versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione are just absolute perfection. 


Snitch Candy Valentines

Harry Potter Snitch Chocolate Valentine



To make these Golden Snitch Valentines, you just need to buy some Ferrer Rocher chocolates and pull the white sticker off. Then use the free printable wings from Getaway Today to finish your adorable treats! You could even pair these with one of the classic printable cards above for a sweet duo! 


Golden Snitch Lollipop Valentines

harry potter snitch valentine

Here’s another cute snitch idea – Golden Snitch Lollipop Valentines. This idea comes from the I’m Feelin’ Crafty blog, and it’s both simple and fun! Lollipops get wrapped in gold candy wrappers and then inserted into her cute printable.


Printable Character Valentines for Cricut


I’m obsessed with these Harry Potter Valentine’s Day cards for the Cricut. I can’t get enough of the cutout tops – they’re so simple but make such a unique Valentine. These cards are from Dollar Crafter, and she’s got a template that works in Cricut Design Space as a print and cut card. The printable is available as a PNG or SVG, so if you don’t have a Cricut, you can print the PNG and cut them out yourself! 


Magical Day Valentine Cards

harry-potter-valentines magical cards

If you’re looking for a simple Harry Potter themed card without character images, these Have a Magical Day printables from Pineapple Paper Co are your ticket! You’re probably going to want to be a Gryffindor, but even a Slytherin would love these adorable cards. 


Watercolor Printable Cards

Harry Potter Neville Valentine Card

Most of the free printable cards feature Harry, Hermione and Ron, and a few feature Dumbledore or Malfoy. But if your favorite characters are the more secondary ones, like Neville or Luna, The Cottage Market is your place with these adorable watercolor Valentine’s Day cards. She also has 4 house-specific cards, if you’d like to represent your house. 


Harry Potter Pillow Treat Boxes

Harry Potter Pillow Box Treat Boxes

These adorable Harry Potter Pillow Treat Boxes from Bugaboo City are such a cute idea! Print, cut, fold and fill with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans for a fun Valentine’s Day treat (okay, maybe just Jelly Belly for the kids – you don’t want to scar them with a grass flavored bean) 


I hope your Valentine’s Day is magical, and that these cards help you celebrate the inner Potterhead in you! 


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