18 Harry Potter Butterbeer Inspired Recipes

18 harry potter butterbeer recipes

If you’re a Harry Potter fan at all, you’ve imagined the taste of butterbeer when it’s described in the book. You’ve probably imagined yourself sitting at the Three Broomsticks, drinking a warm butterbeer in the winter, a cold one in the summer, and a boozy one, well, anytime!

Butterbeer is meant to be smooth, creamy, and sort of butterscotch-like. We’ve rounded up a collection of the 20 best Harry Potter butterbeer inspired recipes, including 4 ways to make your own homemade butterbeer and 16 butterbeer flavored desserts! The only thing to do now is decide which order to try them all in!


Let’s start with all the different ways you can make butterbeer itself, first. We’ve got hot, cold, frozen, boozy and health-conscious. Take your pick! And be sure to serve them in your very own DIY Deathly Hallows etched glasses


Cold Butterbeer

Homemade Copycat Butterbeer Recipes

Butterbeer in the summer is a drink best served cold. Make this icy cold butterbeer from Spaceships and Laser Beans, and stick a few glasses in the freezer for a bit before filling them with the cold drink.


Hot Butterbeer

Homemade Copycat Warm Butterbeer

Warm butterbeer is creamy and smooth, and feels as good as it tastes. This variation on hot butterbeer was created by Ashlee Marie, and her recipe includes a quick video showing how to make it.


Frozen Butterbeer

Frozen Butterbeer Harry Potter Recipe

Frozen butterbeer can probably best be compared to a slushie or Frappuccino. Icy, cold, sweet, creamy and delicious – a kid’s heavenfor sure!  


Boozy Butterbeer

Boozy Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipes

Just imagine – sweet marshmallow crème and Butterscotch Schnapps paired with cream soda. Hello, delicious! This Boozy Butterbeer from Fandom Fashionista is sure to be a hit.


Healthy Butterbeer Smoothie

Healthy Harry Potter Butterbeer Smoothie

Not only is this butterbeer smoothie from Bren Did a healthy option, it’s completely vegan as well! Perfect for celebrating and having a good time while keeping your body happy.


Now – onto all the treats!


Butterbeer Cake

harry potter butterbeer inspired cake recipe

First and foremost, let’s talk about how gorgeous this Butterbeer Cake from Liv For Cake is with the beautiful drip action. LOVE. It features a fluffy butterbeer flavored cake covered in a fluffy marshmallow frosting. Happy birthday, Harry Potter, indeed!


Butterbeer Poke Cake

Butterbeer Harry Potter poke cake recipe

If you want a simple, non-layered cake for your Harry Potter celebrations, check out this Butterbeer Poke Cake from Sugar and Soul. It’s easier to make, and the holes poked in the cake allow the butterbeer flavor to soak into the whole cake, giving you a moist and flavorful dessert.


Butterbeer Cupcakes

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes Recipes

One more cake variation – butterbeer in adorable, individual cake form. Who wouldn’t want these sweet Butterbeer Cupcakes? Plus, My Poppet keeps them so simple, using a few simple and delicious ingredients to jazz up a boxed cake mix!


Butterbeer Macarons

harry potter butterbeer macarons recipe

We love macarons here at Pop Shop America, so I couldn’t not share these bits of perfections from Sensibly Sara. I’m going to need a batch of these Butterbeer Macarons all to myself!


Chewy Butterbeer Cookies

Harry Potter Butterbeer Flavored Cookies

In my opinion, the best cookies are soft and chewy. These Butterbeer Cookies created by The Cupcake Diaries are just that, studded with sweet white chocolate chips as well!


No Bake Butterbeer Cookies

Butterbeer Inspired No Bake Cookies

If you’re planning a special treat around Harry Potter’s birthday, no bake is the way to go. No need to heat up the house, and ready in just a few minutes! These No Bake Butterbeer Cookies from Sugar and Soul feature cream soda to help achieve the classic butterbeer taste.


Butterbeer Sandwich Cookies

Butterbeer INspired Sandwich Cookies Recipe

To round out the different types of butterbeer inspired cookies, we’ve got a chewy Butterbeer Sandwich Cookie recipe from Big Bear’s Wife, featuring a butterbeer flavored icing in the middle of each cookie pair. Yum!


Butterbeer Popcorn

Harry Potter Butterbeer Popcorn Recipe

This delicious popcorn recipe from An Edible Mosaic features a butterscotch vanilla flavored coating that creates a crunchy, sweet caramel popcorn.


Butterbeer Muddy Buddies

harry potter butterbeer inspired muddy buddies chex mix

Did you grow up calling them ‘muddy buddies’ or ‘puppy chow?’ Apparently ‘puppy chow’ is a mostly Midwestern thing, but these Butterbeer Muddy Buddies from Sugar and Soul are forever going to be your new favorite twist on the classic!


Butterbeer Rice Krispy Treats

Butterbeer Rice Krispy Treats recipe

Not only are these sweet cereal treats flavored with butterscotch, they’re dipped in a creamy white chocolate and butterscotch (ala butterbeer) flavored coating as well! These Butterbeer Krispy Treats from The Cupcake Diaries are on point with their flavor profile!


Butterbeer Fudge

Butterbeer Inspired Fudge Recipe

Over at Princess Pinky Girl, this Butterbeer Fudge is layered with white chocolate and butterscotch flavored layers. The presentation of tiny squares are meant to resemble a tiny glass of golden butterbeer topped with white froth – and to taste just like it, too!


No Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream

No Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade ice cream is summertime perfection – which makes a No Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream the perfect treat to celebrate Harry Potter’s July birthday. Plus, 3 Yummy Tummies even included the addition of Butterscotch Schnapps for an optional adult version!


Butterbeer Pancakes

Harry Potter Butterbeer inspired pancakes

In our house, our 4 year old is convinced that any holiday or theme day worth it’s salt starts with themed pancakes. These Butterbeer Pancakes from Adventures of Mel are the ideal way to start any Harry Potter themed celebration. If you want to stick to the theme even more, have everyone put sprinkles in their house color on their pancakes (red/gold for Gryffindor, green/silver for Slytherin, etc).


No matter what butterbeer inspired recipes you choose, pair them with some of our favorite Harry Potter printables for a fun celebration! 

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