DIY Flower Crown Headband

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Is it spring yet? Who can tell with how much time we are spending indoors!

Here’s a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. It’s a light and bright Flower Crown Headband.

You know I am a bit flower crown crazy. You can find my DIY Texas Wildflower Crown Tutorial here. And here are 12 more Flower Crown Tutorials that are irresistible.

So let’s make a new one: a DIY Flower Crown Headband!

supplies to make a diy flower crown headband

Supplies to Make a DIY Flower Crown Headband:

A Thin Flexible Headband (preferably with fabric)
An Array of Faux Flowers (more about that below)
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue

Ribbon (to wrap the headband)

That’s it! The supplies are minimal because making a Flower Crown Headband is easy and fun.

add a drop of hot glue to the headband flower crown diy

About the Headband

The reason I recommend a thin headband is that it will showcase the flowers instead of the headband. Of course, you will want something that is strong enough to hold your flowers too. Fabric covered headbands are best because the weave of the fabric makes a stronger hold between the flower and the glue.

Green headbands are always pretty because it mimics the leaves and stems of a plant! If you want something extra special you could wrap your headband in ribbon before adding the flowers.

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What Types of Flowers to Use

For this type of flower crown, you will want to use faux flowers. They can be any color or colors you like. I made a gorgeous rainbow of all the colors I like! If you want to make a crown with fresh flowers, this tutorial is better.

The most important thing is to have a variety of sizes: small, medium, and large flowers.

add more faux flowers to the headband with hot glue - diy flower crown pop shop america

How to Make a Flower Crown Headband

To make it, first start by getting your glue gun ready. When using a glue gun, you always want to let it warm up completely first.

If you are using faux flowers still on the stem like mine, get the ones you know you want to use ready. Pull the flower off the stem and consider your arrangement on the headband before you start gluing.

It’s easiest if you add glue directly to the headband first and set the flowers in the glue. Then press and hold the flower in place for a few seconds.

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Your headband will have a natural front and back when you start adding the flowers and that’s okay. Be aware of which side is the front as you continue to layer the flowers up.

You will likely start with a few large flowers on the base. I always start in or near the center. It’s not just for symmetry, but also to ensure that your headband fits correctly when you wear it. If one side is too heavy, it could lean to the side.

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Once you’ve added a few larger flowers to the base of the headband, you can start to add more flowers on top. I recommend trying some of the smaller ones!

a rainbow of flowers diy headband flower crown

Once you add the base layer, you will be gluing flowers to other flowers which is a lot more challenging! It can get messy. But don’t worry, hot glue is easy to pull off afterwards.

adding large and small flowers to make a diy flower crown

Each time you glue a flower hold it in place for 15 seconds.

As you continue to add flowers and layers of flowers, let the glue set completely. That will take a minute or two. Then try the crown on. It will help you see how it looks, whether or not it’s finished, and where to add your next flowers.

layering flowers to make a rainbow flower crown diy

Don’t overthink it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you add something that you don’t like, just pull the flower off and start again!

small flowers will fill in the diy flower crown headband pop shop america

Once you are finished, allow your crown to set for an hour or two. You can wear the crown right then and there, but it’s best if you let the glue set completely so that the flowers will hold firmly in place and won’t break off.

finished diy flower crown headband tutorial pop shop america

After an hour or two of allowing the glue to set, you can remove the excess hot glue by peeling it with your hands. Use an X-Acto knife for any detail work.

Doing so makes the flower crown look professional and gorgeous!

close up with the diy flower crown headband finished

Now it’s all about wearing your Flower Crown! Have fun, style it up, or take it with you to your next festival.

brittany bly wearing a handmade flower crown headband pop shop america

brittany bly wearing pretty boho chic flower crown diy

brittany bly diy flower crown headband tutorial pop shop america

Where are you going to wear your flower crown? To a wedding? A festival? Or just for fun? Tell us in the comments!

And if you need even more stylish Flower DIY’s and Flower Crowns check out more blog posts below!

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