DIY Rainbow Yahtzee Set with Free Yahtzee Score Cards

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This is Part 3 of 3 of the Craft in Style Subscription Box Instructions for June 2021. Find the Craft in Style Subscription Box here. Read Part 1: How to Make a Painted Rock Domino Set here. Read Part 2: How to Make a Painted Rock Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set here.


Nothing beats the excitement of getting to scream it! Yahtzee is an easy to learn and easy to play dice game that’s fun for adults and totally appropriate for kids. In this tutorial, we’re going to diy our own Yahtzee Set, plus snag free printable Yahtzee score cards that are totally cute and stylish.

So let’s make it!

supplies to make diy rainbow yahtzee dice tutorial

Supplies to Make a DIY Rainbow Yahtzee Set

June 2021 Craft in Style Subscription Box
5 Small Wood Blocks (around 1 inch in size)
An Array of Acrylic Paint
An Acrylic Paint Brush
Free Printable Yahtzee Score Cards: Monstera Leaf Version or Watercolor Version
A Paint Pen or a Wooden Skewer
A Safe Work Surface

A Paint Pen or a Wooden Skewer? Yes, I realize that sounds super wacky. But it’s true! You can make your numbered dots 1 of 2 ways. You can either use a paint pen to dot all the numbers. Or you can use a wooden skewer dipped in acrylic paint to dot the numbers. This wooden skewer method only works with light bodied paint. It does not work with heavy body acrylic paint.

paint the wood block to make yahtzee dice

painted yahtzee dice set craft tutorial

Step 1: Paint the Wood Blocks

First, start by painting your wood blocks on all sides. It’s easiest to do 3 sides of each wood block at a time, let it dry completely, and then turn them over and paint the rest. Plus you will want to paint each color individually, wash the brush thoroughly with soap and water, then move on to the next color. So this one step is a little more time consuming than it may seem.

I choose to make it an even longer process by painting each of my wood blocks a different color. Thus, I painted 3 sides at a time across 5 dice with 5 different colors. But all the effort makes this Yahtzee Set so cute!

paint each block a different color diy yahtzee set

paint the wood with acrylic diy yahtzee set tutorial

As you are painted the wood blocks, keep your paint smooth and even by applying just a thin layer. It’s important that your paint is even, so when you roll the dice while playing Yahtzee, the dice are smooth and even on each side.

close up of painting the diy yahtzee dice

That’s why for the paint in this project, I used a light bodied paint or a paint that was very fluid and liquid. Not one that was thick and stiff. Acrylic paint takes around 1 hour to dry – which is pretty fast for paint.

how to make diy yahtzee dice close up of painting

You don’t have to paint each die a different color like I did. You could choose your favorite color or 2 colors. It’s up to you.

alternative idea is to use a paint pen diy yahtzee dice

Step 2: Add the Dots (Paint Pen Method)

Once your wood blocks are completely dry you can add the dots to represent the numbers. One method is to use a paint pen. It’s an easy and sure fire way to dot all the sides. You can use any color of paint pen and either a small or medium sized tip. Making dots is easy – all you need to do is press the tip firmly into the painted wood block. Then allow each side of the wood block to dry – just like you did when you were painting it.

dip your skewer in white paint to make dots

Step 2: Add the Dots (Acrylic Paint & Wood Skewer Method)

My favorite method for making the numbered dots is to use a wooden skewer and acrylic paint. Dip either end of your skewer into the acrylic paint and make a quick up and down motion to create the dot. This method only works with light bodied paint because heavy body paint will be too textured, thick, and will make each side uneven.

diy painted yahtzee dice set craft tutorial pop shop america

Every time you make a dot, freshen your skewer with more paint. Be careful that your dots are made with an up and down motion and that you are not tilting your hand or dragging the skewer across the wood block. This will make your dots turn into potato shapes.


yahtzee score card monstera leaves small web

yahtzee score card with watercolor small web

Download these Free Yahtzee Score Cards

I created 2 different versions of these adorable Free Printable Yahtzee Score Cards! You can download them both here. The first is a Monstera Leaf Yahtzee Score Card and the 2nd is a Watercolor Yahtzee Score Card. They are the official game version of score card with no changes or additions.

finished diy rainbow yahtzee set pop shop america

Where to Place the Dots

Each die should have the numbers “1” “2” “3” “4” “5” and “6” represented in dots. Each die has 6 sides and there are 6 numbers for each. It doesn’t matter what side each number is placed. In fact, it’s probably better to randomize which side the numbers are on.

The easiest way to add the dots is to add all your 1’s and let them dry. Then paint all your 2’s and let them dry until you finish all the numbers through your 6’s. And viola! You have a DIY Rainbow Yahtzee Set! It’s time to play.

how to make a hand painted yahtzee set pop shop america

How to Play Yahtzee

Start with each player rolling one die. The highest number starts the game and then the game moves clockwise. Your goal is to fill in an entire column and get a higher score than the other players. With each turn, you must fill in 1 box. If you cannot fill in any box, start by taking your chance, but then you must zero out one set.

For the game to begin, player 1 rolls all the dice. Review your Yahtzee Score Card to see what sets you need to complete the column. Then roll the dice 2 more times, each time keeping as many dice as help you achieve the set you want. It’s okay to change what set you are trying for, as you toss your 2nd or even 3rd roll.

yahtzee score cards and diy dice set craft tutorial

Then mark the number score on the score card. In the upper section, you only count and only add the corresponding number as described in the “How to Score” section. In the lower section, there are some special scores like “Full House” and “Large Straight” while other scores will ask you to count all the dice like “4 of a kind.”

Roll until all players have filled in their columns. If you score a Yahtzee (all 5 dice are the same number) you can continue to roll for the chance to get a 2nd Yahtzee. Each extra Yahtzee will give you a 100 point bonus. You can continue to roll until you have filled in the column but no longer.

finished diy wood block yahtzee set diy pop shop america

Do you love this DIY Rainbow Yahtzee Set with Free Yahtzee Score Cards? Then you have to make it! You can get all the supplies you need to make this DIY here in the June 2021 Craft in Style Subscription Box! This box features new crafts, supplies and projects each month. Looking for even more fun and games? Check out the other tutorials listed below! Happy crafting.

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