How to Make a Gumball Machine Snow Globe

diy gumball machine snow globe craft tutorial

This tutorial is Part 1 of 3 for the December 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box. Part 2 is How to Make Snowflake Placemats. Part 3 is How to Make a Holiday Mini Hoop Decor.

The holidays are here! So let’s make something fun, sweet, and totally extraordinary. And today we’re making a Gumball Machine Snow Globe. This is a miniature version, but you could also get a vintage gumball machine like this and make one that is large and high end. Those gumball machines range from about $50 – $200. I love miniature everything so this is just perfect! It’s around 12 inches high and is perfect at your desk, on a shelf or on your bedside table.

So let’s get started!

supplies to make a gumball machine snow globe diy

Supplies to make a Gumball Machine Snowglobe:

Craft in Style Subscription Box December 2019
A Gumball Machine
Faux Snow
Chunky Glitter & Sparkly Things

A Combination of Your Choice:

Bottle Brush Trees
Woodland Creatures
Miniature Ornaments
Jingle Bells
Pine Cones + More!

It’s a lot of supplies but luckily it’s a versatile project so you don’t need everything – just the things listed above that are your taste.

open the gumball machine to make a snow globe

To get started, open the top of your gumball machine. Look down into the machine to make sure the hole where your gumball will drop through is not open. If it’s open, when you pour in the snow it will just fall straight through.

add faux snow to a gumball machine snow globe

detail inside the gumball machine snow globe

The first supply to add is the faux snow. You can make it billowy and full if you like! Or just add enough to the cover bottom of the snow globe. If you want to even out the surface of the snow, use a spoon or any tiny instrument to smooth it.

I made my snow look like a hilly landscape! That effect is made by leaving the surface of the snow uneven and creating your own hills inside.

close up detail gumball machine snow globe diy

Next, begin to add the pieces you love! You can add deer, woodland creatures, snowy flowers, or anything you like. If you have trouble getting your items to stand push them into the snow for support.

If you have trouble placing your items inside the gumball machine because the opening is small, use a small pair of pliers, tweezers or try a kitchen utensil.

finished gumball machine snow globe diy_bright

And viola! You have your very own Gumball Machine Snow Globe! You can place this on a shelf or on your mantle to create a holiday scene. It’s perfect in the office too. The best part is, the trees, pine cones and all your items can be moved and rearranged. You can add new pieces and take old pieces out to change the scene again and again!

And here’s a super fun trick: Your Gumball Machine can be turned into a gumball machine terrarium for summer. So cute!

bright diy snowflake placemat and gumball machine snow globe_brightest

If you want to make a Gumball Machine Snowglobe for yourself, be sure to get the December 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box. With this box, you will get unique craft supplies to complete cool projects! This box is a monthly and it’s a surprise every time!

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