How to Make the Perfect Sprinkle Lip – Make Up Tutorial

how to create the perfect sprinkle lip make up tutorial

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How much do you love this sprinkle lip make up look? It’s to die for, right?! It turns out that it’s really easy to make for yourself, but does involve some learning to do it.

It’s so fun and gorgeous for photographs but is certainly not an all day look. However, it can only be done for short periods of time. It’s not an all day look unless you use some supplies I talk about below.

Want to learn How to Make the Perfect Sprinkle Lip for yourself? Follow these steps!


This is my first sprinkle lip attempt. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst either. Since then, I’ve learned a lot. These are the the most important steps in How to Make the Perfect Sprinkle Lip.

1. Layer Lip Liner & Lipstick on Your Lips

First, carefully line and apply a layer of lipstick. It’s crucial for making a gorgeous sprinkle lip! Why? Because sprinkles are so tiny and unevenly shaped and sized that they don’t make a good border. To have a strong lip shape you need lipstick underneath. The best lipsticks are shades that are brighter or show through the sprinkles – or they perfectly matches the sprinkles. Think muted pink, bright pink or red.

the perfect sprinkle lip tutorial

Use the Perfect Color of Sprinkle

Think outside of the box! Rainbow sprinkles aren’t the only option for a sprinkle lip. They are just the most common. Instead, you could use an all red, and all pink, or a wilder color like purple or gold just for fun. The fun part is planning the colors and matching your sprinkles to your lipstick.

Stay Inside of the Lip Lines

Like I mentioned, being able to see a defined lip line is important. So try to keep your sprinkles inside the lip line instead of outside the lip line.

how to create a perfect sprinkle lip tutorial pop shop america

Keep the Lips Dry

If you use real sprinkles, they will bleed when they get wet. When they get wet, the color will turn to brown and run across your lips. That’s why it’s important to keep the lips dry before, during, and after applying the sprinkles. Using dry or matte lipstick is great way to keep the lips dry. Or you could try using faux sprinkles instead of real ones to avoid this issue altogether.

Use Eyelash Glue

To hold the sprinkles in place, use eyelash glue. Sometimes lipstick will be gooey enough to hold in place. Spirit gum is not safe to consume. When you are ready to remove the sprinkles, they should just rub off with a bit of friction. Then repeat this technique of rubbing your fingers across your lips to remove the remaining eyelash glue.

Work Quickly

Creating the Perfect Sprinkle Lip is a race against time! You need to act quickly because your sprinkles will move. And over time, your sprinkles will likely bleed. Whatever your reason is for creating the sprinkle lip – if it’s for photos or just for fun, try having your props and camera ready. Have your lighting set up too!

Make sure your outfit is ready and on, the rest of your make up is finished, and that your hair is done too. Your sprinkle lip should be the last thing you finish.


Use Faux Instead of Real Sprinkles when Available

If you want a Sprinkle Lip look to last longer than a few minutes, try using faux sprinkles instead of real ones. You can find sprinkles shaped like anything – stars, hearts, or fruit. And you can find them in every color of the rainbow!

fake sprinkles to make a sprinkle lip

Faux sprinkles can last for a whole evening and are made out of materials like glass or plastic. Of course you still need to be careful with water or damaging the glue. You will still want to keep an eye on them and make sure they sprinkles don’t move.

These sprinkles above are made of polished glass. And below are some that are made with clay. See how different these two sprinkles are? That’s just what I mean when I say you can find any kind of faux sprinkle.

lucky charms faux sprinkles


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