How to Use Printing to Grow Your Customer List & Traffic

how to use printing to grow your customers pop shop america

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If you are growing your audience and your traffic, and you want my best advice it’s this:
1. Think outside the box. Do what other companies aren’t to create something special.
2. Don’t just focus on one way to grow your audience.

Why? Because some customers will respond better to social messages or email marketing. Others will respond better to direct mail. It can vary based on your niche, but you may find surprises with your customers with every interaction.

My go-to tactic for growing my mailing address list is to use cool, cute, and super fun printed materials and sending my customers all kinds of goodies. So, I turned to FedEx Office® for some help!

fedex printing in the packaging

FedEx Office® has a huge range of printing capabilities. It’s the perfect place to get started if you are considering growing your direct mailing list. With the ease and convenience of FedEx Office stores, direct expert consultations that are available by walk in or appointment, and an easy-to-use digital platform (with actual humans that answer the store emails if you get lost) I can design and print everything I need. It’s convenient and affordable, and best of all I can have it shipped to my home or business or pick it up at my local FedEx Office store. FedEx Office makes it so easy!

Just think about it: You can run a social media contest in which the winner gets a free item. You can send marketing flatcards about all the changes your business is making or offer incentives. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, print based marketing can perfectly reflect your style and also be so affordable too!

Here’s what I did and how I did it so you can try it for your business too.

First, gather all your digital marketing materials and your ideas. I have lots of cute imagery and logos for Pop Shop America, so I added them all to a folder on my desktop, along with a flash drive that’s helpful when going to the store in person.

Then I made an appointment with the manager at my local FedEx Office store named Brenton. Brenton had so many great ideas and understood the ins and outs of everything they could do to help my business. It was so much fun to brainstorm with him! He is the kind of guy that runs his store like a friend and a neighbor.

After reviewing all of my source materials of images and logos, we decided on 4×6 flat cards (my idea) notepads (something we came up with together) and laptop stickers (100% Brenton’s idea!) I never would have thought about having laptop stickers printed and I was so happy with this idea! Thanks, Brenton!

project proofs from fedex print

We looked at finishings, and thank goodness for Brenton again, because he knew all the details about what kind of paper I should pick to ensure that my printing looked professional and gorgeous.

Everything was done three business days later and I decided it would be easiest to pick up in store because I always have items to ship out. I’m already at FedEx Office regularly! I just love the convenience of being able to take care of multiple tasks at the same time and found out this fun fact: 69 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a FedEx Office location!

Ashley at the store reviewed my finished printed products with me to make sure everything looked fabulous and I was in and out of FedEx Office within just a couple of minutes. I couldn’t help but swoon over the laptop stickers! So cute, right?

finished laptop stickers from fedex print

Once I unboxed everything I made a list of what I had and how I was going to use them to grow my audience. I had about 8 mini notebooks, 50 flat cards, and so many laptop stickers.

These would be perfect to use for:

  1. Social Media Contest Giveaways
  2. Goodies for our Most Valuable Customers
  3. Limited Edition Promotional Items that are Perfect for Ads

I was planning on doing all 3!

For a social media contest, I gathered a bundle of everything – a notepad, laptop sticker and flat card plus envelope. Take a gorgeous photo and post it on social! Make sure you know your contest rules before you post and clearly define when the contest will end.

This is a great way to grow your engagement and is a lot of fun too!

goodies from fedex printing pop shop america

Second, hopefully you know or have a list of your most valuable customers. For ours, I emailed them and offered them a free laptop sticker! Not only is the laptop sticker affordable to ship and fits inside of a regular envelope, it’s a great way to get your customers to promote your brand for free! It’s a win-win.

laptop sticker from fedex printing

Lastly, I made about 50 of these gorgeous front and back flat cards and placed them inside of a matching envelope. I added pressed flowers, which I think make them irresistible.

This is a limited edition goodie that our customers can get for free – but this time they pay for shipping. So the cost to your business is just the envelope, flat card, pressed flowers and your time.

pressed flower postcard from pop shop america

It makes a great gift and is so fun to get in the mail. What you may not realize is this is a great way to grow your mailing list – not just email list or social media followers but actual addresses of your customers. It’s a great way to test where your customers really live and you can market to them through direct mail in the future.

With just a small budget and some creativity FedEx Office provides the comprehensive, affordable, and convenient print solutions that you need to quickly reopen for business and keep your business growing.

Right now, FedEx Office is offering some great discounts. Save $20 off a $50 print order using promo code NAT212 at checkout. Offer ends 11/30, and the promo code can be used in-store and online. Start your order here.

So, are you ready to try out FedEx Office and grow your audience too? Tell us in the comments!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FedEx Office.

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