Now Hiring: Painting Teacher + 2 Blog Creators

Now Hiring at Pop Shop America

Hiring 1 Painting Instructor: Houston Area

Summary: Pop Shop America is hiring a part time painting instructor. This painting instructor will create video tutorials with our videographer that show how to use our paint supply kits.


Create and collaborate on painting subject matter ideas.
Determine supply lists for these paintings.
Create paintings from beginning to end showing the step by step process.
Collaborate with our videographer to film the tutorial.

Examples of other tutorials for reference:


Please send us a portfolio with a number of finished paintings that you are proud of so we can get a sense of your skill level and style. Please send us your payment requirements. Please send us any relevant CV information such as similar work, social media skills, photography skills, computer literacy, and software knowledge. This job will only take less than 10 hours per month but many other opportunities are available.

All hours are remote except for the tutorial filming. If arrangements need to be made for the videographer to work off-site to accommodate the instructor, that can be done but may not be idea because of the equipment involved in video shoots.

Please send any questions to We kindly and sincerely thank you for your consideration.

Hiring 2 Blog Creators: Remote

December 2023: Pop Shop America is now hiring 2 bloggers! We are looking for fun loving enthusiastic bloggers that are great with photography.

Bloggers can live anywhere in the world but must write all content in English. Bloggers must write about diy, crafts, recipes, and gardening tutorials and be able to create written blogs and photographs in the style of the Pop Shop America blog. Please review the blog at Pop Shop America to see if it’s a good fit. Our style is bright, colorful, and friendly. Recipes tend to be stylish and easy. Crafts can vary and be widespread.

To be eligible for this, bloggers must have some knowledge of DIY, art, crafts, and more. Bloggers must shoot on a camera capable of capturing professional photographs. We do not recommend shooting on a mobile device. All blogs must be a minimum of 700 words but 1200 words is ideal.

Writers will self post on a schedule of their choice but we recommend 1 time per week to 1 time per month. We ask that all bloggers contribute regularly to keep their login and status active. After 3 months if no blogs are produced, bloggers will lose access to posting. Writers will be paid on a per project basis.

Assignments can be given if bloggers wish.

Pop Shop America is a DIY lifestyle blog. Subject matter can include but is not limited DIY instructions, free printables, food & cocktail recipes, gardening tutorials, desserts, Cricut crafts and more.

To Be considered, please submit 1 full article + photos as links (not as attachments), send a link to your current blog or send a link to a published blog. Please include your pay rate for each blogPlease send them here or contact us with any questions or concerns.


Let’s Stay Friends!

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