DIY Sea Glass Painted Glass Jars

diy sea glass painted glass jars craft tutorial

This is Part 3 of 3 of the July 2020 Craft in Style Subscription Box. Craft in Style is a monthly box of craft supplies that features new projects each month. You can find the box here. Find Part 1: How to Make Mermaid Bath Bombs here. Find Part 2: How to Make DIY Sea Glass Paint here.

Summer is here! And I’ve been thinking about all things beach. One of my favorite beachy styles is sea glass. Sea glass is made when sand begins to wear down the surface of glass. It creates a muted, frosty pastel color in the glass and will also wear down any sharp edges making the glass much safer to handle.

Sea glass is usually found in small pieces, so although it’s gorgeous, it’s hard to use it in a way that’s functional. And it’s hard to have large pieces of sea glass. They are usually very small.

supplies to make your own faux sea glass paint

That’s why we had to make this Faux Sea Glass Paint. It’s the perfect way to dress up any glass bottles, vessels, or jars. And it will make any room feel so summery and gorgeous!

So let’s make these DIY Sea Glass Painted Glass Jars.

add food dye to the mod podge diy sea glass paint

Supplies to Make DIY Sea Glass Painted Glass Jars:

July 2020 Craft in Style Subscription Box
Glass Jars, Bottles or Vessels (they can be any size and shape)
This Faux Sea Glass Paint Recipe (Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue + Food Dye)
Foam Brush

And that’s all! The supplies for this DIY are minimal which makes this a fun diy.

glass with tape to make sea glass painted glass jars

How to Make Faux Sea Glass Paint

The full tutorial of how to make Sea Glass Paint from scratch can be found here. To quickly explain, you will want to mix either Mod Podge and Food Dye together until the desired color is reached. Note that the paint will appear darker and opaque when wet and dry lighter and much more translucent.

Or you can use 1 part Elmer’s Glue and 1 part water in place of Mod Podge. For this version, use 1 part Elmer’s Glue, 1 part water, and food dye in any color.

Be sure to blend the food color thoroughly before use.

how to paint with diy sea glass paint pop shop america

How to Apply Faux Sea Glass Paint

Before you start painting, be sure that your glass jars are perfectly clean and free of any debris. This will ensure that when you coat the glass it will be even in color.

Use a foam brush to apply the sea glass paint. Instead of using a common brush stroke application, you will want to blot the sea glass paint onto the glass. This will prevent streaks in the paint which are very common.

Store the glass vessel anywhere you can to allow it to dry. The dry time will take a few hours, but I recommend leaving it for a full day to dry before using it.

sea glass painting craft tutorial pop shop america

When the sea glass paint is wet, you may notice that it is often thicker in areas and thinner in others. Try to make each coat as even as possible by using your blotting technique to smooth the paint.

When I paint with sea glass paint, I usually use more than 1 coat. This makes the color smoother and more finished looking. If you decide to use additional coats of sea paint as well, be sure to let the layers dry completely before adding more.

diy sea glass paint wet on glass bottles

Sea glass, when found in the wild is usually green, blue, or white. But I think that sea glass painted in any ocean colors evokes the feeling of the beach. Colors like blue, turquoise, sea green, and even purple are perfect for this project.

how to make sea glass paint diy tutorial pop shop america

You can even make unique shapes in your sea glass paint. I showed you a lot techniques that are out of the box for sea glass but are so much fun! If you are a traditionalist, be sure to paint your glass jars in a color block method with 1 color only.

If you are modern and experimental you could try:

1. Blending colors together like watercolor (or stained glass)
2. Taping sections and keeping part clear
3. Using an ombre technique by making the sea glass paint thicker at the bottom and thinner on top.

Or something else that we haven’t mentioned here.

wet sea glass paint how to paint with sea glass paint

How to Tape Sections

To tape sections, use thin painter’s tape and make a smooth line. Don’t be afraid to peel the tape up and lay it down again to make your lines even. Next paint with your sea glass paint, like I described above. Add any additional coats of paint if necessary.

Once the paint is completely dry after a full 24 hours remove the tape.

sea glass painted jars in blue and purple pop shop america

How to Use 2 Colors of Sea Glass Paint on 1 Glass Jar

To use 2 colors on the same jar you will want to consider if you want the colors to blend or if you want the edges clear and crisp. For blended colors, paint one color of sea glass paint, clean your brush completely, and last paint with the other color while the first color is still wet.

If you want clear blocks of individual color, let the first color dry before adding the second color. Be sure to clean your brush completely after each use.

sea paint finished glass jars diy pop shop america

So what colors are you going to use for your sea glass painted jars? Tell us in the comments below! Are you going to keep it beachy and traditional or are you going to try something more unusual and modern? I can’t wait to find out.

finished diy sea glass paint pop shop america

And if you love these supplies and want to make your own Sea Glass Painted Jars, be sure to shop the July 2020 Craft in Style Subscription Box! With this monthly subscription, you will get all these supplies plus the ingredients to make these Mermaid Bath Bombs – the perfect thing to place inside your sea glass painted jars!

make your own sea glass painted jars pop shop america

Happy painting and happy summer to you!

finished sea glass painted jars diy pop shop america

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