Everything You Need to Know about L Nails & T Nails

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Have you ever seen or heard of an L Nail or T Nail? L Nails are my absolute favorite. And I usually grab mine from the Air Gun Nail Section. It’s a great tool that is versatile and in many ways better than your average finishing nail.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about L Nails & T Nails including how to use them.

They are Popular with Artists and Art Galleries

These nails are popular with artists and art galleries for so many reasons! They are easy to use, cause little damage to walls, and can be a more adaptable alternative to a finishing nail. That’s why they we’re a go to for me when I was still in the fine art world.

The Ledge makes them easy to Level

L Nails & T Nails have a small ledge at the tip. Your painting or artwork can hang on this end, which gives them more stability than a finishing nail. The ledge also makes the paintings easier to level because you have a stronger larger surface than a finishing nail. So if you mess up and have one nail that’s higher than the other, you likely won’t need to remove the nail. Just tilt it, to level your painting.

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The Can Hold More Weight than Regular Nails

Because L Nails and T Nails have a rectangular shape and are often slightly larger than a finishing nail, it can hold more weight than a finishing nail. Although in many cases, sheetrock anchors are ideal, L Nails and T Nails can often replace your need for a sheetrock anchor!

They Create Less Damage to Walls than Sheetrock Anchors

If you can use a L Nail or T Nail instead of a screw and sheetrock anchor, you will want to do so, for this 1 reason alone: L Nails & T Nails cause less damage to walls! Patching and repairing holes left by sheetrock anchors can be problematic if you change your art regularly or if it’s in a commercial space like a gallery.

So are you sold and ready to use L Nails & T Nails? Tell us in the comments!

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