How to Make Map Paper Confetti

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Every party needs unique and gorgeous decorations! Depending on the party host and their style, you can customize an array of items that are so unique and irresistible. Like these Pom Pom Garlands!

Imagine this confetti at a Bon Voyage party. Or at a birthday party for your favorite travel bug.

It would be perfection! And best of all, it’s incredibly simple to make. So what are we waiting for? Let’s make this Map Paper Confetti.

use a shaped punch to punch your map paper

Supplies to Make Map Paper Confetti:

Any Map of Your Choice Printed on Copy Paper
2 Unique Shaped Hole Punches (I chose a heart & a large circle)

That’s all you need! The steps are simple too because all you need to do is punch your shapes with your hole punch. But there are some tricks to making perfect confetti. Trust me.

punched handmade confetti from map paper

Why You Should Use a Copy Paper Printed Map

The most important supply to make great map paper confetti is thin paper. It doesn’t have to be copy paper, per se. As long as the paper is thin enough to punch with a hole punch, it will be great for this project. Anything thicker could have frayed and torn pages because it could be too thick for your hole punch.

Having a great punch is the secret to gorgeous confetti!

An easy way to find printable maps is to look through old books or look on free photo sharing sites.

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How to Sharpen Your Hole Punch

For confetti that is gorgeous and professional, the paper needs to have clean, crisp edges. If when you punch, the edges look frayed you may need to sharpen your punch! Here’s the easiest way.

Grab a small piece of aluminum foil and punch the foil repeatedly until your hole restores to your desired sharpness. That’s it! Aluminum foil is the easiest way to sharpen a dull punch.

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How to Decorate with your Map Paper Confetti

This map paper confetti would be the perfect thing for the floor of a destination wedding. Or better yet, toss it in the air as the bride and groom are leaving the venue.

You can decorate tablescapes with this map paper confetti at a Bon Voyage Party or place it inside the party invitation envelops – so the confetti falls out when someone receives their invitation. They also pair perfectly with these map cocktail stirrers. The possibilities are endless!

So what are you going to do with your map paper confetti? Tell us in the comments. And look below for even more travel themed diy’s.

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