Meet Michelle Gauthier Embroidery Art

Meet Michelle Gauthier Embroidery Art

Michelle Gauthier came up while I was looking up naughty embroidery art, a search inspired by my dear friend Sara. You should totally take a look at her Tumblr and Online Store to get into the fun stuff. For now, let’s explore her process and get to know this talented, young maker based in Canada.


Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background. Where are you from? Where are you now?

I’m Michelle, I’m 23 years old, and I’m currently working on a graduate certificate in Culture & Heritage Site Management. I graduated last year from OCAD University with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practices. I hope to be a curator some day, but making art will always be my true passion. I’m from Ontario, Canada, and I’m still here!


What’s your studio or workspace like?


My workspace is ever-changing. It’s either in my room, on the couch, or on some form of public transit. enjoy making any place a space to create work in. At home, my space is pretty cluttered and messy. I struggle to organize all my supplies…I really should invest in some kind of storage!


What’s your creative process like?


My creative process is very impulsive. I’ve never really been one to sketch things out and plan every detail. However, I often ask my boyfriend (who is also an artist) for his opinions about my concepts, materials I plan to use, and for any suggestions. He’s an amazing resource. After that, I compile reference images or make patterns (if necessary) and I get to work. I am a huge perfectionist though, which results in many scrapped projects.



Do you have bursts of creativity and create a lot all at once? Or is there a constant flow of new ideas for your work?


Usually my creativity comes in bursts. I find something I’m intrigued with or really inspired by, and that stimulates new ideas. I like to be working on something at all times, so I get pretty frustrated when I don’t have anything in mind.

michellegauthierart6 michellegauthierart2

What are your favorite art supplies?


I’m definitely obsessed with embroidery thread. I do really love oils though, but I haven’t worked with them much lately.


Last year, a group of female artists got together for a curated celebration of feminist fiber art. Miss Gauthier was involved. See here:

I can tell that you dabble in everything, but are there any mediums that intimidate you?

Painting on fabric with watercolors. I see a lot of really neat mixed-medium pieces that combine embroidery or cross stitch with painting and they’re lovely. I’ve tried it before, but I find it so hard to control the paint and prevent it from bleeding outside of where I want it to go. So I am definitely intimidated.


Do you collect anything?


I do! I collect antlers and various oddities; bones, claws, and wet specimens. I also collect art from people who inspire me.


What makes you happiest in life?


There are 2 scenarios that make me happiest: binge watching tv shows while working on embroidery, or sleeping in and waking up beside my boyfriend with a day off from work or school.



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Some images by Katie Mack Photography:
Featured in Feminist Fiber ARt Zine:

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12 thoughts on “Meet Michelle Gauthier Embroidery Art

  1. carmela mempin says:

    What a great artwork 🙂 It so beautiful and you are so talented, we all known that cross stitch was not that easy and you are good to it. I really like it.

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s really amazing. She’s good at what she does. I had a laugh at the sanitary napkin and the tampon. I love that she’s not afraid to add humor. That’s always fun.

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